Some homeowners ignore small issues around the house while planning to address them eventually. However, these problems might indicate bigger issues that need to get fixed sooner than later. Here are 8 signs that your house has a problem.

Sagging Gutters are Signs that Your House has a Problem

Your gutters may sag if you haven’t been cleaning them out regularly, or it could be one of those signs that your house has a big problem. Sagging or bending gutters might mean you have water damage and rotting wood. Excess water builds up when gutters are clogged and can damage the fascia or soffit. Sagging gutters are also likely to crack and need to be replaced.

Ceiling Stains

You probably have a leaking roof when you notice water stains streaking across the ceiling. Get the leak fixed immediately to avoid further damage, like:

  • Destroyed insulation
  • Mold growth
  • Rotted sheathing and framing

Signs that Your House has a Problem: Doors that Don’t Shut

Your home could be experiencing foundation issues or termite damage if you notice a door isn’t closing properly anymore. One potential cause is wet soil around the house that results in foundation shifts. It might also be caused by a termite infestation. Order a home inspection and find out exactly what problems exist before things worsen.

Mold or Mildew Around Water Pipes

Mold and mildew are signs that your house has a big problem. Mold growth indicates a water leak somewhere. Inspect your water pipes periodically. If you see mold or mildew, then get the problem fixed right away so that you don’t deal with larger remediation work in the future.

Sloping Floors

Sloping floors point toward a possible issue with the floor joists. Broken or rotted floor joists cause the floor to settle. Have a home inspector inspect the home if you notice a sloping floor. From there, you’ll have the information you need to schedule corrective repairs.

Warped Floorboards are Signs that Your House has a Problem

Your flooring may have not been installed properly if you’re noticing warped floorboards. Other possibilities include structural problems and wood-destroying insects.

Flickering Lights

Check any bulb that’s flickering on and off. It might just need a little tightening. Replace the bulb as your next step. You may have a wiring problem somewhere within your home if the flickering continues. Electrical issues are dangerous, so it’s important to get this situation fixed promptly.

Eye and Throat Irritation

Is anyone in your family having eye and/or throat irritation? You might have mold growth due to a leak. Another potential issue is that your HVAC system needs servicing. Dirty air filters or a failing AC unit can cause airflow issues and your indoor air quality suffers as a result.

Do you notice any of these signs that your house has a big problem? Don’t wait. Get them repaired quickly for a safer home environment.

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