Residential water damage is a problem that no homeowner wants to face. It might come from a plumbing leak or heavy rain, but if water does get into your home, it is important to follow these steps.

1. Address the Source of the Residential Water Damage

When you find residential water damage or standing water in your home, you will probably be caught off-guard. The first thing to do is to make sure the water stops coming in. Is it coming through a hole in the roof, or is the washing machine leaking? Whatever the source is, make a temporary fix to prevent any more water from entering your home.

2. Turn Off the Power

Standing water can ruin your electrical system. Electronics and water are also a dangerous combination. To be safe, shut off the electricity for any room that is flooded or has standing water.

3. Take Photos of Residential Water Damage for Documentation

Before you start cleaning up the water, take photos for documentation of the water and the damage. You will need to present these to your insurance company if you file a claim. If your malfunctioning appliance or leaking roof is under warranty, you will need to send these pictures to the warranty company.

4. Eliminate Standing Water

Residential water damage will grow worse the longer the water sits. For a serious flood, you’ll need to pump out the water. Wear protective gear because flood water is often contaminated. For a smaller amount of water, you can use a wet-dry shop vac to eliminate it. After removing standing water, set up fans to thoroughly dry out the area.

5. Watch Out for Mold

In an area where there has been a flood or water damage, mold is likely to grow. You should be on the alert for mold after a water-related incident. Pay attention for dark spots on surfaces and musty smells. Call a home inspector after you experience a flood or water leak to assess the damage. The inspector will recommend mold remediation services if they are necessary.

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