Any homeowner knows that water damage is a serious issue. A single plumbing leak can cause hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs. And if the problem isn’t remedied quickly, that leak can lead to mold growth and structural damage. The best way to deal with water intrusion is to prevent it from happening. Here are eight places most prone to water damage in the home.

1. Places Prone to Water Damage: Attic

Check your attic for leaks regularly, especially after heavy rains. Look for damp insulation, dark stains, and mold growth. You might also notice daylight showing through the roofing materials. Make repairs to help prevent leaks. If you have questions, hire a professional roofer to take a look during your annual maintenance check.

2. Basements are Areas of a Home that Often Experience Water Damage

Basements are susceptible to floods and the resulting water damage, and the area can feel damp and humid because basements often have poor airflow. If your basement experiences frequent flooding, have a sump pump on hand to remove water quickly.

3. Bathrooms are Places Prone to Water Damage

Inspect your bathroom fixtures and pipes regularly for leaks. Be sure to caulk around your tub, sink, and shower, and inspect the caulk annually to make sure it’s in good condition. To reduce moisture, turn on the ventilation fan when bathing or showering.

4. Beneath the Dishwasher

With age, dishwasher hoses can crack and develop leaks. Inspect yours regularly and replace them every five years as a precautionary measure.

5. Overflowing Gutters Lead to Water Damage

Clogged gutters are one of the leading causes of water damage in a home. When gutters overflow, the water can seep under the roofing materials or leak behind the siding. Clean the gutters regularly, especially during the fall when leaves clog the channels quickly.

6. Kitchen Sink Leaks

Like bathroom fixtures, kitchen plumbing pipes can develop leaks over time. Inspect the under-sink pipes regularly for signs of corrosion. Pay attention to your faucet and make repairs if you notice leaks or dripping.

7. Refrigerator

The ice maker line in a refrigerator is another common source of leaks. Check the line periodically for signs of cracking or leaking, and replace it every five years.

8. The Laundry Room is Prone to Water Damage

Washing machine hoses are another common source of leaks in the home. The hoses can crack, or the connection may become loose as the machine operates, especially if the appliance is not level. Inspect the machine’s hoses regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace them every three to five years or as needed.

These are just a few of the most common places leaks occur. If you suspect a leak, call a professional to troubleshoot and make repairs.

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