You’ve been shopping for a home and found a property that you’re excited about. With the help of your real estate agent, you may be planning to make an offer. When drawing up the contract, be sure to make your offer contingent on the findings of an inspection report. An inspection will detail problems and repairs that are needed in the home. Order a home inspection to better understand the condition of the house you’re buying.

A Home Inspector is a Knowledgable Professional

A home inspector has the experience and expertise to find problems and safety issues. The inspector is an unbiased third party who is trained to understand the systems of a home and recognize issues. Many home inspectors also have experience in the construction industry and are familiar with the components of a home and how they should function.

Order a Home Inspection to Understand the Condition of the Property

Before you purchase a home, it’s good to know exactly what you’re buying. When you first tour a property, you may notice that the living room walls need to be repainted or that there’s a loose handrail on the front steps. However, it’s unlikely you’ll see every issue with the home. That is the job of the home inspector.

Your inspector will check the foundation, plumbing, HVAC system, and roof. During the inspection, electrical outlets, light fixtures, faucets, and appliances will be tested. The inspector will make notes of minor issues such as a light fixture that doesn’t turn on and he or she will report major issues like outdated electrical wiring or cracks in the foundation. He or she will examine the entire house and provide you with a report detailing the findings.

Find Safety Issues

When purchasing a new home, you want to know that it’s safe for your family. An inspection will locate concerns that need to be addressed. The inspector will check the electrical system and will note if the wiring is outdated. He or she will look for GFCI outlets and test the smoke detectors and electrical outlets. Water damage and evidence of flooding may be found. The inspector may also make notes about asbestos insulation, obvious pest damage, and visible mold growth.

A Home Inspection is Helpful During Negotiations

When the offer you submitted is contingent on a good home inspection report, you can use the findings in the report to negotiate for a better price or repairs. If your inspector finds that the roofing materials are beginning to fail, you can ask the seller to install a new roof or lower the asking price to allow for a future replacement. Major issues with the property may lead to further negotiations or you might choose to walk away from the purchase entirely.

Ordering a home inspection will help you learn about the property you’re purchasing. You can negotiate with the seller to handle major repairs or lower the list price. After the sale is finalized, use the information in the inspection report to prioritize your own repairs and upgrades. The inspection will save you time and money and will provide a clear picture of the condition of your home.

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