As spring comes around, many homeowners are inspired to work on their homes. However, some home improvement projects are expensive and limit how much you can take on while staying within budget. Here are 6 inexpensive home upgrades that you can complete for under $100.

Paint the Front Door

One simple and affordable project that makes a big impact on your curb appeal is painting the front door. Homes with a vivid front door that highlights the entry are more welcoming to guests and visitors. Choose red, yellow, green, or blue, depending on the colors of your siding and trim.

Add a Kickplate and New Door Hardware

After you have painted your front door, continue improving it by adding a new metal kick plate to the base and a matching knocker, handle, and lock. Choose brushed nickel or bronze for an updated look that won’t show scratches.

Install Hooks as Inexpensive Home Upgrades

Hooks on the walls come in handy all over the house and they are cheap and easy to install. Put a row of hooks on the inside of the front door to hang sets of keys. Add a row of hooks in the kitchen for hanging cooking utensils or potholders. Hooks mounted to the insides of closets provide extra space to hang hats, scarves, and belts.

Turn a Closet Into an Office Nook

Transform a large closet into an office nook if you have started working from home and don’t have a whole room to dedicate to your office. Remove the door or doors from the closet and slide a desk inside, facing the back of the closet. Remove the hanging rods and replace them with shelves for storing binders and office supplies.

Inexpensive Home Upgrades: Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be decorative or functional, but no matter what their purpose, you can buy them for under $100. Grab your drill and a level to install them to the wall. This shelving makes a great surface for adding houseplants to your home.

Plant Flowers

Adding flowers throughout your yard is an easy and low-maintenance project. Depending on your location and conditions, scatter wildflower seeds or plant perennials for flowers that will return each year. You’ll add color to your property and improve curb appeal for very little money.

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