Ideas for Updating Your Deck

Deck improvements enhance your outdoor living space so you can relax while hanging out with family and friends. Set up your deck to be a comfortable, welcoming space to spend time outdoors. Let’s look at a few deck updates you can do yourself.

Add Lighting

Lighting changes the ambiance and makes the deck safer after dark. Lanterns are easy to use and come in many different styles. You’ll find paraffin-filled options and lanterns that you can fit with a candle for light.

Another option is to use string lights. These are easy to hang and create a fun atmosphere around the deck. Solar-powered stake lights are simple to install and help illuminate the walkway to the deck. Place a stake light in a large potted plant for an attractive focal point. Install deck post lighting to light the perimeter of the space. This type of lighting is available in electric and solar-powered versions.

Deck Updates with Greenery

As the weather warms up, homeowners often bring their houseplants outdoors. Use larger plants and shrubs to add shade to the deck. Choose greenery that will work in your outdoor space. Some plants prefer bright sun all day. Others do better with only partial sun. Climbing plants, like roses and clematis, can grow up a trellis or arbor. Potted ferns are lush and easy to maintain in pots on the surface of your deck or in hanging baskets.

Refinish the Deck

Take care of the surface of your deck to help it last for years. When the weather starts to get warmer, inspect the decking boards. Replace any that are broken or rotting. Clean the deck well and then sand it smooth. This prepares the surface for a coat of paint or stain and makes it safer for bare feet and pet paws. Apply a fresh coat of stain or weatherproofing to protect the boards from water damage.

Deck Updates: Add Privacy

Use screens to make your deck more private. Tall horizontal screens block the view of your deck from others in your neighborhood while allowing air to flow freely. Lattice privacy screens can be combined with your deck’s railing design. Build a pergola for more privacy when you have multi-level homes nearby. It’s easy to install lattices and DIY pergola kits are available online.

Invite Birds

Encourage birds to visit your deck. Add a small bird feeder or one that’s suitable for hummingbirds and you’ll have these tiny visitors stopping by during daylight hours. Birdwatching is a great way to appreciate nature while you relax after a long day.

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