Warmer weather means more time outdoors with your family, so make your deck safe. Decking materials deteriorate and repairs will need to be made to keep your outdoor living spaces in good condition. Especially if you have children or pets, you’ll want to make sure your backyard deck is secure enough for them to enjoy it safely.

Provide a Shaded Area to Make Your Deck Safe

It gets hot outdoors in the summer. If you want to spend time enjoying your deck comfortably, create a shaded area. Family members can become overheated, pets might burn their paws, and children can injure their bare feet on hot decking materials. Add large potted plants, install an awning, or use a patio umbrella to provide shelter from the sun. Another option is to add a trellis to grow vines on.

Maintain the Decking Materials

Wind, rain, and sun will affect decking materials. Take some time this season to examine the components of your deck and make sure it is safe. Look for splinters, warped and cracked boards, insect damage, and fasteners that have worked their way out of the decking. Pressure-wash the area to remove algae and mildew. Hammer or screw fasteners back into place, sand the boards, and reseal the deck. With maintenance, your deck will be safer for family and friends to enjoy.

Make Your Deck Safe: Check the Railings

Examine the railing and make sure it is stable and sturdy. Check that the spindles are no wider than four inches apart. Children can slip through larger spaces and may get stuck or tumble to the ground. If the spindles are too far apart for safety, install a Plexiglas railing guard to keep kids on the deck.

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