If you’ve just moved into new construction, you’re probably excited about your home. It’s common for the builder to provide a one-year builder’s warranty that covers certain aspects of the construction. Before it expires in the first year, hire a professional to perform a warranty inspection. Here are a few reasons this type of inspection is important.

Don’t Expect a Perfect Home

The builder you chose didn’t actually build your home. Builders subcontract the work out to contractors who may subcontract out to other workers. Your new home was built by drywall installers, plumbers, roofers, an HVAC team, and more. There were many teams involved in completing the work on the home. Defective materials or shoddy construction could result in problems with your new build.

Order a Warranty Inspection Before the Warranty Expires

The inspection report will document any defects that should be repaired, materials that need to be replaced, and safety concerns that require attention. Any issues that are covered by the warranty can be repaired on the builder’s dime. After the warranty expires, all repair responsibility shifts from the builder to the homeowner. Save money by ordering an inspection and requesting that repairs be made before the warranty expires.

Request Repairs

After living in the home for some time, you may notice things are not as flawless as you would like. You don’t expect to have repair costs so soon after moving into a newly built home. The flashing on the roof may be rusting. Maybe you’ve noticed that water pools near the front corner of the house. The lights above the kitchen sink don’t work properly.

A warranty inspection covers most components of the home and provides a report on the condition of the property. Share the report with your builder to request that any roofing, drainage, and electrical problems are fixed.

Find Hidden Defects with a Warranty Inspection

Things can go wrong during the construction phase and within the first year that the house is occupied. A home inspector will find any hidden issues that could affect the property’s value in the future. The puddle of water in the front yard could eventually lead to mold in the basement. In the future, when the home is listed for sale, the homebuyer will order an inspection and may discover issues dating back to the initial build.

You’ve invested a lot of money into your home and you will spend a lot more over the years to maintain it. Get off to a good start with a house that’s in excellent condition. The cost of a warranty inspection is well worth the expense when it reveals issues that the builder needs to address.

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