Finding storage during remodeling can be challenging, but fortunately, there are a few options to choose from. Your decision will depend upon your budget, the size of the remodel, and how many items you need to store. Here are five alternate places to store your items while your home is under construction.

1. Mini Storage

Commercial mini storage units come in a variety of sizes. The smallest size is usually around 25 square feet, which is the size of a clothes closet, and others are big enough to hold several cars.

When researching mini storage companies, find out how easy it is to access your locker. Ask them if they use a keypad entrance or if you need to check-in at the office first. Find out what hours you can enter and the terms of the rental agreement. If you opt for this type of storage during remodeling, you may want a month-to-month contract. There are climate-controlled storage facilities if your items require special care.

2. Onsite Storage During Remodeling

If your county or city allows it, you can rent an onsite storage unit. Some jurisdictions do not allow storage pods because the only place to put them is on the street. If you have a driveway or yard where you can legally place a container for a short period, the rental companies will deliver it. These bins come in various sizes and are a convenient option if you need to access your belongings regularly.

3. Another Room in Your House

Another method for storage during remodeling is to combine rooms. If your project is small, you could temporarily merge two kids’ bedrooms and use the empty one for storage. If you have a living room and a family room, give up one or the other during the remodeling project.

Use the garage for storage if it is not already full. If your homeowners association requires you to park in the garage, you could ask them for a temporary permit to park outside or on the street while you finish the interior remodeling work.

4. Use a Friend’s Place for Storage During Remodeling

You may know someone who has extra space. Let people know you are looking for storage during remodeling and friends and family may offer you space in their house. Make sure your boxes are secure and do not contain valuable items. Know that disasters like a flood or fire could happen at their home. It’s unlikely but possible that you could lose everything you had stored there.

5. Professional Movers

Many professional moving companies will box up, store, and return your belongings when you need them. Your home makeover might involve moving large pieces of furniture. Hire professionals to do the heavy lifting and keep your items safe. This is the most expensive option, so be sure to get several bids. To make sure your belongings are fully protected, read the contract carefully and consult with your own insurance agent.

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