Spring cleaning is a big undertaking. This is the time to clean your house from top to bottom to get it freshened up for summer. There are parts of the home that are often neglected during seasonal housekeeping. Here are some easy spring cleaning tips for those overlooked areas.

Spring Cleaning the Ceiling Fan Blades

With the weather warming, you’ll soon be using your ceiling fans to circulate air and help keep your home comfortable. Before you turn them on for the first time this season, remove all the dust, dirt, and cobwebs from the fan’s blades. For a quick, easy, and relatively mess-free way of cleaning your ceiling fans, use a pillowcase. Drape the pillowcase over the fan blade and use it to wipe the full length of the blade. Dust and dirt will fall into the pillowcase and you can shake it out outdoors before tossing it into the wash.

Cleaning the Shower Curtain

Your bathroom shower curtain is prone to mold growth because of high humidity in that room. However, fabric shower curtains are easy to clean. Simply remove your curtain and toss it in the washing machine with a load of like-colored towels. Hang it to dry and it will be fresh and clean again. Another quick tip is to pull your shower curtain closed when you exit the shower. This will help the curtain and liner dry quickly. Otherwise, moisture gets trapped in the folds of the curtain and will lead to mold and mildew growth.

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for the Baseboards

Cleaning the baseboards is not a task most people look forward to. However, removing accumulated dust is a necessary part of spring cleaning. For an easy way to clean the baseboards, purchase a bottle-cleaning brush or toilet brush just for the purpose. Stretch an old sock over the brush and spray it with an all-purpose cleaner or a diluted vinegar solution. Wipe the baseboards clean. Another great tip for keeping them cleaner longer is to use a dryer sheet to polish the baseboards after you’ve dusted them. The dryer sheet creates a barrier that helps to repel dust so you’ll be cleaning the baseboards less frequently.

Dusting Air Vents and Covers

Give yourself a few hours to clean your HVAC vents and dust the air vent covers. The most efficient way to do this project is to tackle all the vents in your home at once. Remove all the vent covers. Fill the bathtub with warm soapy water and soak the vent covers for a few minutes. Scrub them clean, rinse well, and let them fully dry. While the covers are soaking, use your vacuum cleaner with a long attachment to vacuum 10 or 12 inches inside each vent. You’ll remove dust and debris, boosting the efficiency of your HVAC system and improving the air quality in your home.

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