Smart home features are a growing industry and many homeowners are choosing the latest technology to make their lives easier. These products let you change the thermostat or turn on a light remotely. Here are 5 of the most popular smart home features.

Smart Light Bulbs are Popular Smart Home Features

A smart light bulb is an LED bulb that connects to the internet. It can be put on a schedule, controlled remotely, and customized. They save energy and money because you can put them on a schedule or turn them on and off remotely. LED bulbs also last longer than regular light bulbs, so while they cost more upfront, you won’t have to replace them for about a decade.

Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is a smart home feature that helps to boost security. It allows you to see the visitor through the doorbell camera from your device. A smart doorbell can also detect movement and will notify your device if someone is at your front door.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great addition to your home. It helps keep the house at a comfortable temperature while reducing your utility bills. The thermostat connects to your phone via the internet and lets you control and change the temperature using your phone.

Smart Locks are Smart Home Features to Boost Security

This product is also considered to be a must-have when it comes to smart home features. A smart lock is an electrical lock that uses a phone or manual code to unlock the door. A smart lock is a great addition to your home that makes it more secure.

Smart Smoke Detector

A smart smoke detector will send an alert to your phone if the alarm goes off. You can take action to save your house from fire by calling 911 even while you are away.

Smart home features help you make your life at home safer and more convenient. Think about how these features would benefit you and add some to your home.

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