No homeowner wants to discover pest activity on their property, but some pests are more concerning than others. One of the most hazardous insects you might find around your home is the termite. Termites eat through the wood your house is made of and may cause structural damage that can be expensive to restore. Here are a few signs of termites to watch out for.

1. Changes to the Wallpaper or Paint Can be Signs of Termites

Termites create tunnels and pathways in the wood behind the walls to move around your home. While this does not always leave a noticeable mark, some homeowners see signs of termites in their wallpaper and paint. Some of the irregularities you might notice on your walls are listed below.

  • bubbling in the paint
  • wallpaper that is peeling, bumpy, or discolored
  • small pinholes
  • portions of walls that appear sunken or dented, without another apparent cause
  • thin raised or depressed lines that appear on your walls without a logical pattern

2. Windows and Doors Sticking

One of the many signs of termites that homeowners notice is windows and doors that are difficult to open or close. Windows and doors are common entry points for termites because the wood of the trim is a good food source. As termites eat through the wood around doors and windows, they warp the materials, making these openings more challenging to open and close.

3. Piles of Termite Droppings

Another common sign of termites that homeowners sometimes notice is termite dropping, also called “frass.” Frass looks like sawdust or tiny wood shavings to the untrained eye. It is commonly found in small piles around wooden components of your home. Drywood termites push droppings out through tiny holes, and you may see small clusters or piles of frass.

4. Discarded Wings are Signs of Termites

When termites are young, they have tiny translucent wings they use to search for a place to start a new colony. After these termites (known as swarmers) find an appealing area to settle, they shed their wings, discarding them in piles on the ground. If you see small clusters of white wings in your basement or around your home’s foundation, call a pest-control expert to inspect your home.

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