Whether you’re going on a quick road trip or an extended few weeks overseas, vacations are something to look forward to. Your home will still need attention while you are gone. To fully enjoy your trip, prepare your home for vacation and come back to a peaceful and welcoming environment to relax.

Prepare Your Home for Vacation: Clean and Organize

No one likes to come home after a trip to a messy, untidy home. Prepare your home by going room to room and organizing, decluttering, donating items or throwing things away, and cleaning. Some people like to delegate tasks to family members or hire a professional for a one-time deep clean. Some cleaning/housekeeping tasks to keep in mind are:

  • Clean out the fridge and throw out/freeze food that’s expiring soon
  • Give your living room a good dusting
  • Water plants
  • Wash, dry, and fold laundry
  • Wash and put away all dishes
  • Take out the trash

Prepare Your Home Environment

Adjust your thermostat to more moderate temperatures since you’ll be gone for a while. Open your windows to get some fresh air in your home before you leave, but don’t forget to close them ahead of your trip.

Prepare Your Home for Vacation: Think About Safety

If you’re concerned about break-ins while away, prepare your home by leaving a car in your driveway or asking a neighbor to park there while you’re gone. If you usually leave a spare key under your mat, remove it, as this is a spot potential burglars will look. Ask neighbors or a friend to lend a hand by picking up your mail and newspapers. You can also temporarily stop mail and newspaper delivery until you return. 

Take Care of Your Pets

Are your pets coming with you on vacation? If not, arrange for care for the duration of your trip, whether that’s a pet-sitter or boarding.

Don’t Forget About Trash Day

Take your trash cans and recycling bins to the curb before you go, or ask a neighbor to move them for you on the designated day.

Think About Longer-Term Projects

If you’re planning an extended trip, prepare your home by taking care of any significant projects before you go, especially ones that have the potential to get a lot worse in your absence. 

Address things like plumbing issues and leaky roofs before your departure. Don’t forget to complete regular yard work, like mowing, trimming hedges, and pool maintenance, and hire someone to take care of these things while you’re gone to maintain your home’s appearance.

Take the First Step

Planning a trip, big or small, can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t forget to prepare your home for your vacation in all the excitement. You will be grateful when you come home from vacation to a problem-free, clean, organized house.

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