Routine maintenance is vital to a clean and healthy home. It’s essential if you’re planning to sell your home because regular upkeep boosts property value. If you’ve neglected home maintenance over the winter, here are nine things you can do to prepare your home for spring.

Change Filters to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Filters gather contaminants, including dust, dirt, and debris. Clogged filters affect your HVAC system’s efficiency and compromise indoor air quality. Replace your air filter every 30-90 days as the manufacturer recommends.

Clean Gutters

Overflowing gutters can cause water to pool around your home and infiltrate its foundation, leading to leaks and flooding. Prepare your home for spring by cleaning the gutters. It only takes a short amount of time and can prevent costly repairs due to water damage.

Prepare Your Home for Spring by Inspecting the Roof

Harsh winter conditions can take a toll on your roof. Check for damaged or missing shingles and flashings. If you notice issues, contact a roofing contractor to resolve them.

Clean Outdoor Furniture

After a long winter spent indoors, you are probably excited to spend more time outdoors. Prepare the patio furniture for warmer days by cleaning it to remove dust and dirt.

Clean the BBQ Grill

As the weather gets nicer, you may feel eager to entertain guests. Prepare your BBQ grill for spring by cleaning it well. The grill will be more efficient, and you’ll enjoy better-tasting food. Add a water-resistant cover to protect it from the elements.

Rejuvenate the Lawn

Dreary winter conditions can make your lawn look bare. Prepare your property for spring by raking up leaves and collecting branches and other debris. Additionally, trim and prune trees and shrubs to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Prepare Your Home for Spring by Inspecting Screens

Window screens accumulate leaves and other debris. Prepare them for spring by cleaning them. Inspect the screens for any signs of damage because damaged screens allow pests to enter your home.

Clean Windows

Windows become dusty due to rainstorms and wind. Dirt reduces the amount of light that enters your home. Prepare your home for spring by cleaning the windows inside and outside.

Test Alarms

Test all your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to verify they’re working correctly, and replace batteries if necessary. Replace your detectors if they’re ten years or older. Testing your alarms only takes a few minutes, and it can prove lifesaving if there’s a fire.

Get your home ready for warmer months with these easy maintenance tasks. You’ll be prepared to enjoy nice weather and feel peace of mind knowing your home is in great shape.

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