Hurricanes cause millions of dollars in damages to our coastlines every year. Fortunately, these massive storms give warning that they are on their way, and there are some measures that you can take to minimize wind and water damage. Here are eight ways to prepare your home for a hurricane.

1. Protect Your Windows and Doors to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Your windows and doors are the weakest parts of your home, yet there are a few things that you can do to strengthen them.

  • Having hurricane shutters installed is an ideal way to prepare your home for a hurricane. Shutters seal your home’s windows and doors, protecting them from the high winds and flying debris.
  • You can also use plywood to cover doors and windows. Keep in mind that a lot of other people will be using plywood. You’ll want to purchase yours early before the hardware stores sell out.
  • Add sliding bolts on the tops and bottoms of your exterior doors. They’ll withstand a lot more wind with the added support.

2. Strap Down the Roof

Use hurricane straps or clips to fasten your home’s roof to either the frame of the house or the ground to prepare your home for a hurricane. This precaution can sometimes mean the difference between a battered roof or one that is lifted off the home by the wind.

3. Prepare for a Hurricane by Securing Anything Outside

Hurricanes are capable of producing winds well over one hundred miles per hour. Store items usually kept outside of your house to prepare your home for a hurricane.

  • Store any lawn furniture in your garage or another indoor storage area.
  • Bring potted plants inside.
  • Cover your air conditioning unit with a sturdy tarp to prevent any damage from flying debris, and turn the unit off.
  • Smaller trees and shrubs can be tied down for extra support against the wind.

4. Clean Your Gutters Before a Hurricane

These massive storms produce a tremendous amount of rain. Prepare your home for a hurricane by making sure that your gutters, downspouts, and any drains are ready for the onslaught of water.

5. Add Surge Protectors

There can be significant fluctuations in power currents during hurricanes. Surge protectors will not only protect your home’s electrical components, but they’ll also help protect your home from a fire.

6. Test Your Sump Pump to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

If there is a chance of flooding, make sure that your sump pump is working properly. Test the pump by pouring a few gallons of water into the pump pit to see if it kicks on. Watch that the water gets pumped out of the hole. If it doesn’t, call a professional for repairs or a replacement.

7. Keep Your Foundation in Good Repair

It’s always advisable to have your foundation inspected on a regular basis. Any cracks that allow water to penetrate are especially dangerous during hurricanes.

8. Have a Wind Mitigation Inspection to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

A wind mitigation inspection looks for key features that will protect your home from damage in strong wind events. When your home is outfitted to withstand high winds, you may qualify for credits on your homeowners insurance policy.

A certified inspector will examine your home, evaluating its overall strength at resisting strong storms like hurricanes. A wind mitigation inspection will inform you on how to best prepare your home for a hurricane and can also save you money in costly post-storm repairs.

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