If you’re selling a home, a pre-listing inspection is a useful service to order. You’ll be informed about the condition of the property before you put your house on the market and you’ll be more prepared for negotiations. Let’s look at some of the benefits of ordering a pre-listing home inspection.

Make Repairs

Ordering a pre-listing inspection allows the seller the option to handle repairs on the house before listing it for sale. A pre-listing inspection can also help the seller eliminate the risk of a buyer walking away due to major problems in the home. By discovering issues with the property, you can take the time to hire the contractor you prefer and source materials that are moderately priced.

If you wait until the buyer orders an inspection, you will have to make repairs quickly and often using the buyer’s preferred professionals. This can lead to costly repairs and little room to negotiate.

Alternatively, you might choose to forego repairs and negotiate with the buyer on the price of the home. Either way, conducting a pre-listing home inspection will allow you to get the best deal possible when selling a house.

Determine a Fair Price with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Choosing an asking price is often a challenge for the seller. The price of a house not only depends on its size and location but also on its condition at the time of sale. An inspection gives you accurate information about the condition of the home and helps you better understand its value.

Gain the Buyer’s Trust

A homebuyer has looked at multiple properties to choose a home for their family. It’s important they feel that they are making a smart investment. By sharing the information in your pre-listing inspection report, you can gain the buyer’s trust. You can show invoices and receipts for the improvements you made. Even if you choose not to make repairs, openly sharing the information with the buyer will help them trust you.

Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection for an Easier Transaction

Major problems with the home can contribute to prolonged negotiations between the seller and the buyer. Repairing issues before putting the property on the market will lead to an easier sale. In some situations, the buyer may choose to skip the home inspection after seeing that the seller had the property inspected. This will ease negotiations and help speed the transaction.

Although some sellers see it as an unnecessary expense, a pre-listing home inspection can save you money. You’ll get a better price on your home when the buyer deems it in good condition. As the seller, you can save money by choosing the contractors who make the repairs. You will also save time because the inspection will help negotiations go smoothly.

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