While garages are designed for parking cars, many homeowners use them for different purposes. However, it’s hard to make the most of the extra room if the garage is cluttered. Investing time in garage organization and storage will maximize the potential of the space.

Garage Organization: Add Pegboard to the Walls

Pegboard is one of the easiest ways to maximize the use of vertical space during garage organization. Purchase baskets, hooks, and shelves that fit into the pegboard for more storage options. If the pegboard is securely attached to the wall, you can store anything from wrenches to heavy shovels. When using a pegboard to hang tools, outline where each belongs for an easier time putting them away.

Items to Store Elsewhere

When starting your garage organization process, make sure that you know what things are better not stored in a garage, including:

  • Paint, because very high or very low temperatures can ruin it.
  • Propane is flammable; it’s better to keep it outdoors.
  • Paper products and fabrics are attractive nesting materials for mice and pests.
  • Pet food and pantry items in cardboard boxes attract rodents.
  • Paintings and photographs are vulnerable to damage from heat and humidity.

Some items, like lawnmowers, may be stored in the garage, providing you take proper precautions, like keeping a fire extinguisher mounted in the area. While most homeowners don’t operate the car with the garage closed, installing a carbon monoxide detector as a precaution is an excellent idea.

Use Overhead Space During Garage Organization

In addition to using the walls for garage organization, make use of the space overhead. Ceilings are an excellent place to mount racks and store heavy, awkward, or oversized items like kayaks and bicycles. Shelving hung from the ceiling is practical for storing seasonal items, like sports equipment and holiday decorations you don’t need to access throughout the year.

Declutter Before Buying Containers

One of the most common mistakes made during a garage organization project is buying shelving, plastic containers, and other storage options before you know what you are keeping. Declutter the garage first. Create piles of items to be donated and take them to a local charity. Clear out the trash and separate anything that belongs in another part of the home, like propane tanks.

By removing clutter, you’ll know what you need to store and can develop a plan for storage containers, shelving, totes, and racks.

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