What is Included in a Four-Point Home Inspection?

A four-point home inspection, a quality check of your home’s main features, is required by some insurance companies to gain coverage. This inspection focuses on the four most important parts of your home: the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), the electrical system, the plumbing and fixtures, and the roof.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

The inspector will inspect the condition of the HVAC system. This includes the components of the system like the furnace, the condensing unit, the heat exchanger, the ducts, and the vents will be tested and inspected. He or she will also check the thermostat and make sure that it is functioning properly.

Electrical Wiring and Panels

The inspector will inspect the condition of the home’s electrical system including the electrical panel and the wiring. The brand of the electrical panel and the type of wiring will be noted in the inspection report. He or she will test the outlets and the circuit breakers.

Plumbing Connections and Fixtures

For the plumbing portion of the four-point home inspection, the materials and condition of the pipes and valves will be evaluated. If the inspector detects any type of leak in the house this could mean water damage in the floors or walls. He will inspect the sinks, toilets, and showers to make sure all of the faucets and spigots are functioning well and are not leaking. The inspector will determine the approximate life expectancy of the water heater.


During this part of the inspection, your inspector will check the stability of the roof and look for signs of damage, mold, or rot. The inspector will note the shape of the roof, the estimated life expectancy, the condition, the materials, and any threats such as overhanging tree branches.

Schedule the four-point home inspection at a time when you’re available to talk to the inspector. Feel free to ask questions about the home. When the inspection is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report of these key components that you can present to the insurance carrier.

Four-Point Home Inspections for Southwest Florida

Many homeowners insurance providers in Florida require a four-point inspection to receive coverage. Contact Florida Superior Inspections to schedule your inspection today.