A fire is a devastating experience for any family. When you are well-prepared, you can minimize fire damage and keep people and property safe. Here are a few simple tips about fire safety in the home.

Smoke Detectors Improve Fire Safety in the Home

If a fire does occur in your home, a smoke detector will alert you as soon as it detects the blaze. Install smoke detectors throughout your home. Put them in areas with a high likelihood of fire, such as the kitchen and near the fireplace and furnace.

You should also install smoke detectors inside and outside of all bedrooms and on every floor of your home. Test that they are working at least once a month and replace the batteries twice a year.

Don’t Allow Smoking Indoors

One of the easiest fire safety tips is to not smoke inside the home. Every year, house fires occur due to cigarette smoking, often because someone fell asleep with a lit cigarette. If you or someone in your home does smoke, limit smoking to outdoor spaces away from doors and windows.

Take Care with Electrical Outlets

Many things in our homes require electricity. The television, internet router, cable box, speakers, video game system, and laptop are just a few of the devices that need to be plugged in. However, electrical outlets can only handle so much. Limit the number of items you plug into each outlet. Don’t overload power strips and for added safety, use power strips with built-in surge protection.

For Fire Safety in the Home, Make an Escape Plan

It’s important to be prepared during an emergency. If you have a fire safety plan in place, your family will know what to do at the first signs of trouble. Part of talking with your family about fire safety should include teaching them to crawl on the floor to avoid smoke, not to go into rooms if the doorknob is hot, and how to stop, drop, and roll if their clothing catches fire.

Many fires can be prevented with appropriate precautions. Should a fire occur in your home, emphasize safety first and get outside.

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